[New release] wallabag 2.4.2

March 16, 2021

Here is the latest release of wallabag. What changed?

  • A lot of bugs related to the dark theme were fixed
  • A year old bug about the auto tagging system which created duplicated tags
  • A lot of translations update, thanks to translators !
  • The link to calculate the reading speed was updated because the previous was dead, you can now use: https://wallabag.github.io/myreadspeed/
  • 60+ siteconfig were updated

To update your instance, just run make update.

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  • Fix nav lang filter #4908
  • Fix accessibility problem with the 2FA QR code #4915
  • Preselect currently active section in the filter menu #4972
  • Fix translation of date in the footer using IntlDateFormatter #4971
  • Update dark theme #4921
  • Dark theme updated #4983
  • Fix account dropdown width #4969
  • Fix auto prefered color scheme #5071
  • Convert tag label to lowercase in RuleBasedTagger #5111
  • Fix myreadspeed links #5113
  • Internal server error while exporting to epub #5052
  • Error parsing image URL (with scrset) #4914

Download wallabag 2.4.2

To download, install/upgrade wallabag, please read our Downloads page.

Need help?

We are on Gitter and on IRC, ping us! You can also open a new issue on GitHub.

How can you help us?

By using wallabag, by reporting bugs, by translating wallabag and its documentation, by talking about wallabag to your friends, ... You can help us via Liberapay or PayPal.

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